Sunday, December 9, 2012

Little discoveries

Ibes is 20 months old now, and he's starting to be able to communicate very well. He adds new words to his vocabulary daily, and is able to express himself in many new ways. He's putting things together, connecting words with places and people. I jot down his little discoveries so that I won't forget about them, so I wanted to compile a few recent things he's done and share them with you!


When we're finished running errands, I'll ask Ibes if he's ready to go home. Sometimes his response to learning that we're going home is "Dad?" or "Ball?" (Ibes-speak for "Will Daddy be there, and will he play ball with me?"). But more often, he's tired from the day's events and just gives me a whiny "No." His stock response is "No" no matter what. He has yet to say "yes" unprompted - every question gets either a "no," or a little chuckle to the affirmative.

We came home today, and Ibes was definitely worn out. He'd been jabbering in his carseat and snacking on applesauce pouches. When we pulled into the garage, I heard his voice from the backseat: "Home."

"Yes! We are home!"


Sometimes he "gets it" even when I have no idea he's putting places and names together. He knows where his home is.


We have been taping America's Funniest Home Videos and watching them with Ibes. He loves the clips of people tripping and falling (who doesn't), but I think he enjoys the audience response most of all. He laughs at people laughing, and claps at the end of the segments.

Today, my sister and I sang at church. Second hour, Ben and Ibes stood in the back of the sanctuary and watched our performance. Ibes' little face was fixated on us, and he totally zoned out. His little lips poked out I could tell he was concentrating so hard on what was happening.

As we finished the song, I saw him put his little hands together and start to clap. He was giving us his little seal of approval. Then, in the quietness of the moment, he started asking for his Aunt (who he calls "Ab"). We could hear him across the sanctuary: "Ab! Ab! Ab!"

He understands when it's appropriate to applaud; he does not understand when it's appropriate to holler for attention.


We were playing ball the other day (well, we play ball every day - it's his favorite) and he grabbed a couple of balls and chucked them at me at the same time. Running to retrieve them, he pointed them out to me.


Wait, what? Did he just tell me that there are two balls? I hadn't taught him to count, though I say "One, Two" when we get dressed and undressed as his arms go in and out of sleeves. I sing him "One, Two, Buckle My Shoe," but only so we can get to "Nine, Ten, A BIG FAT HEN!" which he loves. He has heard numbers before, but I didn't think he was grasping the concept yet.

The following day, he pulled out the Quaker Oat canister and pointed at the picture on the front.


"Yes, that's a man."

He studied the box, and turned it over. There was another picture on the top.

"Man," he grinned. "Two!"

Huh. Guess he gets it.

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