Monday, December 3, 2012

Feeling crafty

Ibes has really taken to owls. Anytime we're looking through books and he spots something with big eyes, it's a "Hoo! Hoo!" He can find owls anywhere: last time we were at the craft store, rolling the cart down rows of fabrics, I heard the familar "Hoo!" Sure enough, we'd passed by some owl prints! I ended up buying one of them and making him a sleep sack. And when I put him down for nap in the owl sleep sack, it's easy to know when he wakes up. I can hear soft "Hoos" over the baby monitor.

During a recent internet search for "sew baby owl," I found this little tutorial for a Zakka Style Owl Pennant and fell in love. I decided to adjust the measurements and make a large-scale version with Ibes' name on it.

I chose natural shades for the owls, to coordinate with the colors in the nursery. Here's the little cardboard template I made for the body and belly of the owl.

Here are the four "bodies" and "bellies" right before I stitched them together
Here are the owls with bellies stitched and "noses" pinned down
 Almost complete! The eyes are attached; they just need to be lettered. I used a stencil and turquoise fabric paint to write Ibes' name on the owls.
Here's the finished product! I wish I'd painted the letters onto white fabric so they showed up a little better, but I really like the blue paint color.
Ibes loves the new decoration. He likes to point at it and say "hoo!" and has tried to reach them a couple of times after getting his diaper changed.
I liked the name pennant so much that I decided to make some little owls to hang in our foyer too! Here's that project:
Here's a photo of one of the owls, so you can see how small they are.
I have an itch to keep working on projects now! I pulled out a counted cross-stitch that I started 6 years ago, and I'm working on that now. But I'm sure I find another Ibes-related project before too long!

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