Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween! Let's take a trip to the Pumpkin Patch!

It's late October, and we decided that Ibes needed to have his first experience with a pumpkin patch. We found a local farm that has pumpkins, free hayrides and corn mazes.

Before we even found a parking spot, Ibes was shouting "Tractah! Tractah!" This boy can spot a tractor from a mile away. We parked and found our way to the hayride.

The tractor pulled our trailer to the pumpkin patch, which was filled with pumpkins and gourds. Ibes took off running through the mess of vines, singing to himself and taking in the scenery.

Pumpkin hiney!
He found a little bitty pumpkin that suited him, so we hung onto it.

He kept gravitating toward the green pumpkins. Big green pumpkins. I think he liked them because they're John Deere-colored.

I see a green one! Dibs!
After we picked out a second pumpkin for carving, we rode the trailer back up the hill and checked out some animals and the little store. Ibes was treated to some fresh apple juice, and he LOVED it. He doesn't usually have juice, so we may need to add a little juice into our lives in the future.

Happy Halloween!

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