Friday, June 1, 2012

The Boy with a Dozen Names

I love nicknames. They're so personal and each one tells a story. I knew Evan would probably have a nickname when he was born, but I did not predict how quickly his list of nicknames would add up!

The first thing I called him was Pumpkin Pie. He was such a sweet little thing, and it just fit.

I would ask Ben, "Isn't he just a Pumpkin Pie?" Ben's response: "I don't think that's what a pumpkin pie looks like." Fair enough.

The baby slept with us until he was 4 months old. We put him in the basinette of the Pack & Play, and pulled it close to my side of the bed. He was usually very content, fussing only when he was hungry. He's never been a crier. But one night when he was just a few weeks old, I didn't get him swaddled up the way he liked, and he let me have it. At the top of his lungs, he yelled "GHEEEEE! Gee! Gee!" It was one of those moments where you laugh because the protest is so pathetic that it crosses over into comedy. And the sleep deprivation just makes everything seem more funny.

And so "Sweet Gee" was born.

His most famous nickname is Ibes.

When he was three months old, he started making some new sounds. One of the recurring noises was "Ibes" and "Ahb." The way his tiny mouth made the "B" sound was just adorable. He said "Ibes" frequently during family vacation last summer, so it caught on quickly as his nickname.

His latest nickname is Rougarou. We encountered this name during an episode of Swamp People; it's a Cajun swamp monster of folklore. Evan was being particularly ornery one day, so I referred to him as a Rougarou. Sometimes it gets shortened to "Roux" or lengthened to "Rou-ga-roo, Ga-roo-ga-roo, ROU-GA-ROO!"

I'm sure he will continue to rack up the nicknames as he grows up, but "Ibes" will always hold a special place in our hearts.

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  1. Love the story of the progression of names. Also love Ben's response to the question about looking like a "pumpkin pie". Man Card still intact! ;-)