Friday, May 11, 2012

Put the phone away!

There was a thought-provoking blog entry circulating on Facebook this week about "How to Miss a Childhood." It's about how technology can get in the way of our parenting - we spend all day buried in smartphones and computers, and our children miss out on our undivided attention.

I know I'm guilty of being buried in my iPhone! Especially when I'm tired (which is often), it can be easy to let Ibes play by himself while I check up on my favorite celebrity gossip sites or look through the latest iFunny photos.

Yep, can totally see myself doing this. I'm embarrassed and horrified.

There are benefits to having my phone near me - I can capture videos of Ibes' latest skills, keep in touch with my husband through the day, show Ibes photos of Pops' tractor while I'm changing his diaper...

But there are many times that I just get lazy and distracted, and need to put the phone away.

I've been more conscious of my phone use, and today I used the "phone time" to read to Ibes. His little face lit up when I asked him if he'd like to read a book. He sat on my lap, totally attentive to each word. He followed my finger as I pointed out the different animals, shapes, and colors to him. He giggled when I made chomping noises for the shark and crocodile. He wrapped his little hand around my finger.

As the tears welled up in my eyes, I made him a promise: That he would always have my attention when he needs it. That I wouldn't allow phones and computers and TV to take priority over eye contact with my him. That I would always love him most, "big as the sky," I tell him.

Motherhood is filled with opportunities to grow. I'm not perfect, and it's good to be reminded of my shortcomings.

It's also good to remind my son how much he means to me.

I love you, little one.

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  1. Well said April, well said. A great promise to make!