Thursday, May 10, 2012

Big week, Big machines!

My parents (Grammy and Pops) are in the process of tearing out a swimming pool, and will be putting a new one in. This was demolition week, which meant one thing: lots of machines for Ibes!!

Day 1: Demolition begins
We were able to visit a few times this week, and Ibes really loved watching the giant machines at work.

Hanging on tight
He watched in slack-jawed amazement as the bulldozers and trackhoes made quick work of the mounds of concrete and rebar, tearing down the existing pool and carrying the rubble away.

Day 2
There were a couple of machines that were particularly noisy, including "The Woodpecker" - a monster that jackhammered away at the dense cement. We had to go inside a few times to watch the action from afar.

"Grammy, why are they so loud?"
For a little boy who bounces up and down at the mention of a tractor, the big machines were thrilling. During the hauling process, when the loader carried bucket after bucket of rubble from the site to the dump truck, Grammy would run from back to front yard with Ibes so that he could see where all the waste went. He was so focused on the action that any loud noise startled him right out of his skin!

Not taking his eyes off those machines!
We had a fun week, but it will be even more fun when that new pool is built, so Ibes can enjoy the water and learn to swim!

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