Sunday, April 1, 2012


Ibes got to meet some adorable pups this week!

It's so fluffy!!
My sister and brother-in-law are puppy-sitting two 12-week-old puppies. They are thought to be shepherd/lab mixes, and are just as friendly and playful as can be. They're just Ibes' size!

He started waving at the dogs as soon as we arrived, and was really curious about them. He wanted to get down on the ground with them, so I obliged.

Puppy attack!
Both puppies lunged at him at once, covering his little cheeks in licks.

Ear nibbles
After about 10 minutes of playing, Ben and I noticed a couple hives starting to develop on Ibes' forehead. That's when it hit us: HE'S ALLERGIC TO DOGS!

We had this information from Ibes' allergy testing that took place in January, but since we don't regularly come in contact with animals, hadn't thought too much about that allergy. And in true MOM FAIL form, it totally slipped my mind during this visit.

We hurried home and thew Ibes in the tub with some Aveeno oatmeal bath, poured Benadryl down this throat, and waited.

Poor little allergic baby
He played in the tub, and was acting normally with minimal eye-rubbing. The hives started fading soon after the Benadryl kicked in.

Feeling better
Despite the allergic reaction, Ibes enjoyed petting the puppies and getting lots of kisses. We'll make plans to visit again - but enjoy them from a distance next time!


  1. So cute and so sad! Does Ibes not get allergic around Fifa?

  2. Ibes hasn't been around Fifa... We've been pretty conservative about animals so far (especially large, energetic ones)!