Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter and the Introduction of HAM

We had a beautiful Easter! Ibes enjoyed his first Easter basket (he was too little for one last year), and looked adorable in his little church outfit.

A basket MUST have Peeps!

Ben and I were in the church nursery this week, so we had the privilege of watching Ibes in a different environment. He really latched onto an infant bouncer seat and decided that he'd enjoy pushing that around like a lawnmower.


It's impossible to get this fast-mover in focus
He was totally worn out from playing, and almost fell asleep on the way home with his little Bunny.

He tasted some new foods, including ham and lemonade. He LOVES ham, and devours it whenever we put it in front of him.

He even whispers "ham" when I tell him what I'm feeding him. He's starting to mimic our words, and sometimes he gets pretty close. "Ham" is one of those words. It won't be long until he's asking for ham!

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