Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Adventures in Eating

Ibes started eating solids at 7 months. His first food was rice cereal, and we introduced pureed fruits and veg next. His favorite was prunes - how strange is that? He likes and still eats purees and cereals, and we've added in small pieces of real foods now.

Toast and Bananas

I made some penne with marinara for lunch this week, and he was really interested in my food. I decided that it wouldn't hurt to let him try some, so I cut the pieces into fourths and let him have at 'em.

He ate a staggering amount of pasta. He's definitely my son.

Other favorite foods include carrot chunks and banana applesauce muffins.

We went to Cazadores for Mexican tonight, and brought along his usual dinner of baby foods with some Puffs for dessert. He polished off his food and kept eyeing my plate. I gave him a taste of beans, and he was hooked. After finishing the remaining beans, he plowed through the rice.

He didn't even care that I used my fork and not his baby spoon. I have a feeling we're going to have to put in a real order for him next time we have Mexican.


  1. I love the picture with sauce all over his face. He looks so pleased with himself. Italian and Mexican: the kid knows the good stuff already.

  2. What a good little eater! Wher did you find that sippy? It reminds me of the kind we had as a kid, and I haven't seen them in my stores.

  3. It's Tupperware! It's the bell tumbler with lid. I got them off Amazon.