Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ibes' Balloon

You're Dino-Mite!
 White death is coming, and a trip to Kroger is overdue. Ibes got up at his normal hour - 7:30AM - and we saw Ben (whose newest name is "Aaah! Aaah!") off to work. Ibes had his breakfast, got a clean diaper or two, and we were off to the grocery.

While walking through the produce department, Ibes kept chirping and grabbing the air. I realized that he was intrigued by the balloons that had been scattered around for Valentines Day. We went to the florist, picked out a pink balloon that said, "You're Dino-mite!" and tied it to the cart. There was much squealing.

We finished shopping, checked out, and headed out to the car. Unfortunately, the three packages of chicken breasts did not make it with us. As we ran through traffic, I realized I was losing groceries off the bottom of the cart. I managed to catch the sour cream and snatch some crackers as they tried to made a break for it, but the chicken was not so lucky. All 10 pounds had slid out and been promptly run over, leaving a slimy skid mark of poultry juice in its wake. I collected the mess and took it inside - Kroger was so kind to let us pick out replacements - before loading everything into the Santa Fe.

When we got home, I let Ibes play with his balloon for a little while before nap time. He would crawl across the kitchen, pulling the string behind him, cackling as the balloon bobbed up and down. It was just adorable; I had to get some pictures.

I opened the drapes to let the sunlight in and carried Ibes to the living room for our photo-op. All I needed now was the balloon. I grabbed it from the kitchen and carried it in my arms around the corner, but not before making contact with the edge of the counter top. In the battle of Mylar vs. Formica, Formica wins. It ripped a giant hole right through the new balloon.

Surprisingly, Ibes didn't notice that his new toy was suddenly absent (thank goodness), but I was sad that our first experience with a balloon was so short-lived.

But "Aaah! Aaah!" took care of us. After hearing about our day, he surprised Ibes with a brand-new balloon when he came home from work.

There, there, Piglet

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  1. I really enjoyed this post April....poor Ibes...but Daddy saved the day:)