Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Or Happy Anna Howard Shaw Day, if you prefer. (30 Rock fans here.) We spent Ibes' first Valentines at the doctor's office.

A couple months ago, he had a reaction to yogurt, so we took him to the Pediatrician to get checked out. She ran an allergy blood test panel on him, and he showed potential allergies to egg white, milk, peanut, wheat, and dog dander. We were referred to an Allergist, and met with him for the first time in January. Since Ibes hadn't reacted to wheat in the foods we were feeding him (cereals, puffs, etc.), he was allowed to continue eating wheat, but we were told to avoid cow's milk and eggs.

Today, Ibes had the Oral Challenge allergy test. This test determines whether he is able to tolerate milk when baked. I was asked to prepare a muffin that contained milk, but no eggs. I made a batch of Banana Applesauce muffins this morning and we were ready to Challenge!

Check out the matching socks

Thankfully, Grammy was available to hang out with us during the test, which took over 3 hours. Ibes was given a quarter of the muffin, and monitored at 15 minute intervals - checking for rash or hives, blood pressure and pulse, and affect. After 30 minutes with no reaction, he was given another 1/4 muffin. He got through 3 muffin quarters when they threw a half-muffin at him (which is a lot of muffin for a little guy!). He gobbled it down, and after an hour with no reaction, he passed the test with flying colors.

I passed!!!

During his time at the office, he managed to charm the nurses and doctor with his snooty grins and waves. He tried his luck with a little girl, but she wouldn't go for it.

Would you be mine?  No?  Ok.

I'm really thankful that he's able to eat foods that contain milk! Even though I have to bake them myself and limit the amount of dairy, it's great news for us. The Allergist said that most babies that pass this challenge do outgrow their allergy. Here's hoping!

And here are some pictures of my little Valentine in today's outfit!

His little hat from Great-Grandma Katie Price
It's amazing how difficult it is to take a photo with both of us in focus.

Ben's gift to me is this Coach bag for my growing collection. It's a big cross-body and it fits everything I could need - diapers too!!

And the annual Valentine's cake! I can bake, but can't frost to save my life. I always get crumbs in the icing! At least there are sprinkles to camouflage my mistakes.

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