Monday, February 27, 2012

Volcano Face

Volcano Face in action
Ibes (which rhymes with "tribes," by the way) is usually a pretty hearty eater. He nurses every 2-3 hours during the day in addition to a breakfast of cereal and muffin, mid-day finger food snack, and a dinner that includes a vegetable and fruit. Sometimes he gets full before the little bowl of food has disappeared, and the resulting phenomenon is "Volcano Face."

Open Wide!
The aftermath
He hasn't figured out how to blow raspberries yet (thank goodness), but he does have a specific method of reversal of fortune, which we call "Volcano Face."  Here it is in action with a muffin:

As much as I hate cleaning up the mess, it's hard for me to keep a straight face when I see this happen. I'm working on it!

Monday, February 20, 2012


Reading You're My Little Lovebug

Some of my earliest memories are of sitting on my Mom or Dad's lap, reading Sesame Street books. I loved reading time, and was reading on my own by age 3. It's always been important to me to cultivate that love for books in my children, and I love the bonding that takes place during storytime.

I order new books for Ibes every few weeks, because he loves when we read to him and I get tired of reading the same book over and over again! Here are some of his current favorites:

Touch and Feel Farm, Fuzzy Bee and Friends, Touch and Feel Town, In My Patch, In My Den, Doggies, A Book of Sleep, Pat the Bunny, Playtime

In My Den - the little bear cub is a finger puppet! He builds his den and hibernates with his family.

A Book of Sleep - beautifully illustrated book that shows how different animals sleep through the night.

I love when Ibes crawls over to his book basket and drags one over to me to read. He is really drawn to the DK books with baby faces in them and You're My Little Love Bug, which plays music as we read.

The laundry can wait

Sometimes you have to tape over those speakers!

He loves turning the pages

We just got some new books today - can't wait to share them with Ibes!

What are your favorite books for little ones?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Or Happy Anna Howard Shaw Day, if you prefer. (30 Rock fans here.) We spent Ibes' first Valentines at the doctor's office.

A couple months ago, he had a reaction to yogurt, so we took him to the Pediatrician to get checked out. She ran an allergy blood test panel on him, and he showed potential allergies to egg white, milk, peanut, wheat, and dog dander. We were referred to an Allergist, and met with him for the first time in January. Since Ibes hadn't reacted to wheat in the foods we were feeding him (cereals, puffs, etc.), he was allowed to continue eating wheat, but we were told to avoid cow's milk and eggs.

Today, Ibes had the Oral Challenge allergy test. This test determines whether he is able to tolerate milk when baked. I was asked to prepare a muffin that contained milk, but no eggs. I made a batch of Banana Applesauce muffins this morning and we were ready to Challenge!

Check out the matching socks

Thankfully, Grammy was available to hang out with us during the test, which took over 3 hours. Ibes was given a quarter of the muffin, and monitored at 15 minute intervals - checking for rash or hives, blood pressure and pulse, and affect. After 30 minutes with no reaction, he was given another 1/4 muffin. He got through 3 muffin quarters when they threw a half-muffin at him (which is a lot of muffin for a little guy!). He gobbled it down, and after an hour with no reaction, he passed the test with flying colors.

I passed!!!

During his time at the office, he managed to charm the nurses and doctor with his snooty grins and waves. He tried his luck with a little girl, but she wouldn't go for it.

Would you be mine?  No?  Ok.

I'm really thankful that he's able to eat foods that contain milk! Even though I have to bake them myself and limit the amount of dairy, it's great news for us. The Allergist said that most babies that pass this challenge do outgrow their allergy. Here's hoping!

And here are some pictures of my little Valentine in today's outfit!

His little hat from Great-Grandma Katie Price
It's amazing how difficult it is to take a photo with both of us in focus.

Ben's gift to me is this Coach bag for my growing collection. It's a big cross-body and it fits everything I could need - diapers too!!

And the annual Valentine's cake! I can bake, but can't frost to save my life. I always get crumbs in the icing! At least there are sprinkles to camouflage my mistakes.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ibes' Balloon

You're Dino-Mite!
 White death is coming, and a trip to Kroger is overdue. Ibes got up at his normal hour - 7:30AM - and we saw Ben (whose newest name is "Aaah! Aaah!") off to work. Ibes had his breakfast, got a clean diaper or two, and we were off to the grocery.

While walking through the produce department, Ibes kept chirping and grabbing the air. I realized that he was intrigued by the balloons that had been scattered around for Valentines Day. We went to the florist, picked out a pink balloon that said, "You're Dino-mite!" and tied it to the cart. There was much squealing.

We finished shopping, checked out, and headed out to the car. Unfortunately, the three packages of chicken breasts did not make it with us. As we ran through traffic, I realized I was losing groceries off the bottom of the cart. I managed to catch the sour cream and snatch some crackers as they tried to made a break for it, but the chicken was not so lucky. All 10 pounds had slid out and been promptly run over, leaving a slimy skid mark of poultry juice in its wake. I collected the mess and took it inside - Kroger was so kind to let us pick out replacements - before loading everything into the Santa Fe.

When we got home, I let Ibes play with his balloon for a little while before nap time. He would crawl across the kitchen, pulling the string behind him, cackling as the balloon bobbed up and down. It was just adorable; I had to get some pictures.

I opened the drapes to let the sunlight in and carried Ibes to the living room for our photo-op. All I needed now was the balloon. I grabbed it from the kitchen and carried it in my arms around the corner, but not before making contact with the edge of the counter top. In the battle of Mylar vs. Formica, Formica wins. It ripped a giant hole right through the new balloon.

Surprisingly, Ibes didn't notice that his new toy was suddenly absent (thank goodness), but I was sad that our first experience with a balloon was so short-lived.

But "Aaah! Aaah!" took care of us. After hearing about our day, he surprised Ibes with a brand-new balloon when he came home from work.

There, there, Piglet

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Mystery Machine

Remember Scooby Doo and the Mystery, Inc gang? They would travel around in their van, dubbed the Mystery Machine, and investigate haunted houses and towns that were being terrorized by spooky ghosts and monsters.

It seemed that everyone on the show - Scooby & Friends AND the monsters - all had a characteristic way of running: with their arms straight out in front.

Since Ibes can't run on his own yet, he hops in his Chicco Dance Baby Walker when he needs to get around.

Ibes must be catching reruns of Scooby Doo in the middle of the night, because when he cruises the kitchen and front hallway in his Chicco Dance Baby Walker, he assumes the position. ARMS OUT!

'Sup, Mama?

The day is coming when those long legs will outgrow the walker and he'll be toddling all over the place. But we're enjoying our time in the Mystery Machine until then!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Meet April and Ibes!

Welcome to our blog!

10 months ago, my life was changed forever. I knew that having a child would alter my world, but it's amazing how quickly I became wrapped up in this little person.

He was perfect. From the sweet baby bird fluff atop his head to his impossible tiny toenails, there was nothing I didn't love. My husband Ben and I were ecstatic over our new addition.

We made the decision to become a one-career family, and I began my new position as full-time stay-at-home Mom. It was one of the best choices we'd ever made. I am so grateful for the opportunity to spend each day with my son.

At just a few weeks old, the baby began babbling. One word that he kept saying over and over was "Ibes." Ben and I thought this nickname suited him, and it stuck. As he drifted off to sleep in his Pack 'n Play bassinette, he was christened "Ibes."

Each day with him is an adventure! I am amazed at how quickly he's growing up and all the new things he is learning to do. I don't want to forget a moment! I've journaled, taken pictures constantly, and forced myself to take in as much as my senses are able. But it's not enough!

So here were are - with our very own blog! It's a way to record, remember, and share the precious moments from each day. So come along on our adventures - there's room in the Beco backpack carrier!